Are Marvel fans scared of Batman v Superman?

We’ve all seen it. It’s happening on Facebook. It’s happening on Twitter. It’s happening within the confines of comic book stores nationwide. Marvel vs. DC fanboy wars occur on a daily basis. However, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice only 11 days away from releasing nationwide, a new kind of narrative is being spun, and one that reeks of paranoia and fear.

Since 2008 Marvel fans have enjoyed the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The success of the MCU is undeniable—just look at the box office figures. But aside from the success that each installment of the MCU has experienced, there is another consistent element to the last eight years: there has been no competition from Marvel’s most bitter rival—DC Comics. 

Aside from the Dark Knight trilogy and a failed Green Lantern film, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment has not put forth a product that could challenge the MCU—until now. With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is now in play. And as we are less than two weeks away, the negative commentary from pro-Marvel blogs and fans on social media is at an all-time high. 

The vast majority of the negativity and skepticism revolves around the same two to three talking points Marvel fans have been using for a while now: 1. DC is rushing too many characters into this! What a mess! 2. Zack Snyder only focuses on visuals and not storytelling. 

These arguments ignore rationale explanations revolving around the ability to tell a story and introduce characters in a different manner than the MCU, and Zack Snyder’s successful and critically acclaimed films like 300 and Watchmen. However, the fact remains, Marvel fans are still crowing about a movie that has yet to come out.

But why could this be? Because the numbers are pointing to true competition. 

As social media metrics indicate, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is absolutely annihilating the competition in terms of excitement. According to Variety, it isn’t even close:

“Among the slew of comic book films set for release in 2016, including new ‘Captain America’ and ‘X-Men’ adaptations, early social and digital tracking places ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Batman v Superman’ 500% stronger than competitors based on standing at the same point pre-release. ‘Batman v Superman’ is currently the #1 film by volume, followed by ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Deadpool.'”

That’s right. The DCEU is 500 percent stronger than Marvel. If that wasn’t enough to put fright within the hearts of Marvel fanboys and executives at Marvel Studios, then the early projections for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will. 

Despite early negative columns predicting a dissatisfying box office open for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, projections now are insanely favorable. According to MasterHerald, the DCEU’s big 2016 film could be record breaking:

“Most box-office experts and analysts are expecting that the movie has the potential to gross US$1 Billion and easily join the elite Billion Dollar Club or movies that have recorded US$1 Billion box-office ticket sales or more.

The only question that they have is whether “Batman vs. Superman” has enough punch to break it into the list of highest grossing movies of all time, currently being paced by ‘Avatar 2’ with US$2.7 Billion followed by ‘Titanic’ with US$2.2 Billion. Both movies happened to be directed by critically-acclaimed writer, director, and producer James Cameron.”

So the next time you come across your Facebook feed and find your Marvel fanboy friend declaring that Captain America: Civil War is going to “own” DC’s new universe or predicting how terribly rated Batman v Superman will be on Rotten Tomatoes, you now know why. 

It’s the fear of what’s to come. 

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.

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