It’s out later this month, but Rocksteady is still cranking out advertisements for their upcoming installment in the Arkham video game series. The newest TV spot for Batman: Arkham Knight revealed some potentially troubling news for Gotham with Commissioner Gordon’s voiceover line, “This is how the Batman died”. Having already killed off Gotham’s second biggest celebrity in the game Arkham City fans simply cannot put it past Rocksteady to actually follow through on this ominous promise. Is Jim Gordon somehow mistaken and Batman is still out there hiding in the shadows? Or does crime in Gotham finally triumph over the Caped Crusader and bring the Legend of the Dark Knight to a close in this final chapter of the video game series? Play the game to find out when it is released on June 23rd. The trailer can be seen below.

Written by | Danny Moore

Danny Moore serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Heroic Universe.