Batman’s pop-culture dominance continues

As Warner Bros. moves ever closer to releasing their premiere event film, Justice League, one member of the superhero ensemble continues to get more attention than anyone—Batman.

The Caped Crusader is the dominating presence on the early Justice League promotional materials, which include posters and movie theater merchandise. However, and perhaps more surprisingly, Batman’s pop-culture dominance extends beyond the upcoming film and into more unlikely corners of entertainment. Companies you would think have nothing to do with comics such as are now promoting more and more Batman content to appeal to fans of the DC Comics character.

While Batman’s continued success in the comics and on the big screen comes as little surprise, the numbers behind the character’s merchandise sales are staggering. The extent of Batman’s merchandise sales are captured perfectly by Slice Intelligence, who examined the Superhero “bubble” as it relates to revenue generation:

“With the comic book bubble in full effect, Slice Intelligence used super data to see which comic book characters are most popular with online shoppers. The Dark Knight rises to the top in terms of online toys, games, and apparel sales; 28 percent of superhero merchandise purchased since January 2015 was Batman branded.”

BamSmackPow also recently examined the Dark Knight’s popularity from a psychological perspective and came away equally in awe of the numbers:

“Having had multiple live-action and animated TV shows, and being in eight theater released films, Batman has earned over $4.4 billion in worldwide movie grosses. In addition to films, Batman also earns over $500 million a year in global retail sales. It’s very obvious that the idea and figure of Batman has tapped into something that people globally believe in and like as a whole.”

As the superhero genre continues to invade pop-culture one thing remains true—Batman stands a cut above the rest when it comes to popularity. And with this November’s Justice League set to hit theaters and feature Batman as the Justice League architect and likely leader, matters will only intensify when it comes to the Caped Crusader’s now near-three decade run as the top seller and champion of DC Comics.


Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.