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The following is a composite review from The Heroic Universe, taking the highs, lows and lots in between from comic reviews around the net

Writer extraordinaire Brian Michael Bendis teams with Ed Mcguiness create the Original Sin tie-in with Guardians of the Galaxy #18. For their own part, Marvel describes this issues with, “Original Sin Tie-In! You know you want to know how Star-Lord got back from the Cancerverse. And didn’t Nova go in there with him? Guess he’s not into the whole ‘no man left behind’ thing.”

With an overall score of 81 percent, this issue of Guardians of the Galaxy proves that the ragtag team’s brand has never been stronger. The high review of the week came from Comics Refueled, which gave the issue a perfect score. Reviews from Comicosity and Comic Vine were less hyperbolic, but still solid, scoring the issue 8.5 and 8.0 respectively. Not that any of the five reviews factored into this week’s composite review can be considered true low points, both Newsarama and Comic Book Resources rated the issue a 7.0. 

When dissecting the work of Bendis and Mcguiness, it appears critics are far more enamored with the artwork of the veteran and former Superman artist. The critics who gave the issue lower scores seemed to take off points due to the work of Bendis and a seeming lack of clarity.

Let’s not waste anymore time. Here is the breakdown complete with excerpts from reviews found around the internet.



Brian Michael Bendis is finally going to give readers some closure, starting with this issue of Guardians. Bendis sets up the situation well, highlighting the relevant information to be able to understand the story if you haven’t read the older issues, and bring you back up to speed if it has been awhile. He handles these characters well, Star-Lord is very consistently Star-Lord, and Thanos is as conniving and cunning as ever. I was impressed by how well Bendis writes Richard Ryder, and just how badly I found I want that character back to at least serve as a mentor to young Sam Alexander. The dynamic between Star-Lord and Nova is great, a Rocket/Groot-level bromance that is a ton of fun to read, and their banter brings a great dynamic to this issue.




This is where Ed McGuinness comes in. This is a showcase for McGuinness, 100 percent. His characters are bulky, strong, larger than life, and watching Nova blaze with energy as he runs towards Thanos is great to see. (Not to mention seeing Quill in his old Annihilation-era costume!) Admittedly, the energy of this issue is sapped a bit by some too-dark coloring by Justin Ponsor, but make no mistake, McGuinness draws some of the best superhero slugfests in the business. There’s a real cartoony cleanliness to his lines, particularly the ways that his characters are so expressive as they beat the tar out of each other, and being paired up with inker Mark Farmer is a great matchup. 



 Sadly I wish there was more I could talk about in regards to this issue, but if you’re like me and itching to know what happened, anything I say about the story will spoil it. While Bendis didn’t tell the whole story yet, his build up (which he’s famously known for) truly paid off and I cannot wait to see the conclusion. Fan or not of the artwork, you have to appreciate what the team of McGuinness, Farmer, and Ponsor did for this issue. Calling this animation movie quality artwork doesn’t even do this justice. Go get this now!

–Comics Refueled


In other words, if you’re reading this comic for the story, you’re probably out of luck. Bendis doesn’t fully answer all his questions, and in true Bendis style, this issue ends when we’re really only halfway through the story. 




Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.