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Deathstroke just fought Superman!

Yep. You read that headline correctly. Deathstroke just fought Superman, and it was absolutely amazing. 

However, you’re probably asking yourself how Deathstroke can even pose a remote threat to the Man of Steel? You might even be asking if this is the powered down, t-shirt and jeans Superman that is currently in Acton Comics and Superman? No it is not that version of Superman. This is the red cape, solar flaring sun god against Slade Wilson. However, Slade Wilson now has one major tool in his favor that would be an equalizer against nearly all the characters within the DC Comics Universe: a God-killing sword. 

And in case you’re out of touch with how we got to a point where Deathstroke can take on Superman, in Themyscira no less, the backstory goes a little something like this: Wonder Woman’s armor supplier and God of fire and forge, Hephaestus, recklessly bestowed the previously mentioned powerful sword to Slade Wilson, known mercenary with little scruples, but without a doubt, the best at what he does. And why would Hephaestus do such a thing, you ask? Because he’s hiring Deathstroke to kill a God. Yes, you read that correctly, Deathstroke’s current mark is a freakin’ Olympic God. So Deathstroke went to Themyscira to find this God and instead, inadvertently unleashed a massive force of evil—setting off the physical confrontation with Wonder Woman that Deathstroke barely survived, and then another confrontation with the evil Titan Lepetus. But it was in the middle of the battle with Lapetus that Superman, who was likely coming to the aid of his girlfriend Wonder Woman, mistakenly identified Deathstroke as the culprit of all the mayhem and destruction on Themyscira, setting the stage for a Superman vs. Deathstroke battle. 

So with the God-Slayer sword in hand, and a pissed off Man of Steel opposite him, Deathstroke reluctantly fought Superman. And to Superman’s surprise, Deathstroke’s sword was more than a match. In many ways, watching Deathstroke fight Superman is not unlike watching Batman fight Superman–using Superman’s overeager bravery against him while unleashing tactical advantages typically in the form of rare weapons. With each surge from Superman, Deathstroke’s sword had an equal counter, sending Superman flying through the air on several occasions. But alas, this is Superman we’re talking about. And after getting frustrated with Deathstroke’s sword, Superman stopped holding back, and used his insane super-speed to evade Deathstroke’s attacks until he was able to grip him by the throat, leaving him completely vulnerable until Wonder Woman talked some sense into Superman. In the unlikely battle between Superman and Deathstroke, Superman was the victor. 

And though the huge battle with Superman is over, the larger Royal Rumble with Lapetus awaits. And thanks to Tony Daniel, whose fun, action-filled arc with Deathstroke has never failed to entertain, next month’s issue will conclude with two unlikely Deathstroke allies, Superman and Wonder Woman, fighting by Slade Wilson’s side against a crazy Titan. 

Can’t wait. 

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deathstroke vs superma

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.

  • omar

    Great fight!

  • Michael L. Doyle

    Great title. I’m worried though. Daniels is giving up the cover art in the near future. I don’t like the sound of that.

  • rodo

    I hate Sups so much…