First two Batman v Superman film reviews are scathing

As a fan, this is crushing. Unfortunately, as a publisher of a comic news website, this is an obligation to disseminate.

Movie review website RottenTomatoes has listed the first two official critic reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—and it’s not pretty. 

Despite early Twitter reactions from fans and critics from private screenings over the weekend, if the first two reviews on Rotten Tomatoes is any indication, the review score for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice could really hurt the film’s box office potential. 

The first two reviews come from the film’s premiere in Mexico, and the reviews are largely in Spanish. The two critics are Oscar Uriel from Cinema Movil and Uriel Barco of Garuyo. Here are the ugly review passages: 

“Not only is this a big let down in every sense, it makes you wonder if the rest of the DC Comics films will have the same fate.” – Barco 

“The film is a discordant and almost three hour experience. There are some good and bad things, but still better than Man of Steel.” – Uriel

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Though this is not a good sign, and quite simply a little puzzling that these reviews have even been released ahead of the film review embargo that is lifted later tonight, a flood of more reputable reviews should hit the web soon to further illustrate the critical future of the film. 

Check out the full reviews by visiting the Batman v Superman Rotten Tomatoes page.

Written by | Carter Newberry

Carter Newberry serves as a Staff Writer on the Heroic Universe.

  • Ray Lopez

    So 2 Mexican reviewers gave Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice negative reviews……..Give 2 of my people Academy Awards for Best Director and the whole country thinks they’re film experts……Just sayin.