Five ways Batman v Superman screwed up Superman badly

While opinions vary greatly on the quality of Batman v Superman as a comic book movie, there has also been great debate about how the Last Son of Krypton was portrayed in the film. Some feel that the depiction of the character that was off in 2013’s Man of Steel, and that misfire continued in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—only to a larger extent.

After examining the film’s portrayal of Superman, here are the Five ways Batman v Superman screwed up Superman badly


In the film’s last act, after dealing with the explosion on Capital Hill and discovering that his mother has been kidnapped, Superman vents to Lois Lane about his feelings toward mankind, and it isn’t pretty. He tells Lois, “Nobody can stay a good person in this world,” just before flying off to confront Batman. Wait, what?!? Superman stopped believing in people? That is an unforgivable offense in portraying Superman. Superman always sees the hope in people, which in turn continues to motivate him to serve as our protector. Superman’s unbreakable belief in humanity would never allow for such a weak moment.


A common complaint of Superman’s portrayal in Man of Steel was that Zack Snyder didn’t give the title character very many lines of dialogue. Well, that clearly carried over in ‘Dawn of Justice.’ According to one astute Reddit user, Superman only has 43 lines of dialogue in a film that is two and half hours, and in which he is one half of the title for the film. How does Warner Bros. intend on developing this version of Superman?


Okay, this is a consistent criticism by fans in regards to Superman’s portrayal—but one that might not be as fair as the others on this list. Yes, Superman seems to zip by and rescue Lois from terrorists, falling off buildings and drowning, but he does rescue people from floods, space shuttle explosions and fires. But by virtue of never really seeing the individuals that he’s saving, it does give the impression that he only rescues Lois. Also, letting Jimmy Olsen get shot while saving Lois a couple minutes later didn’t help this perception issue.


In the big title fight between Batman and Superman there is not only a lack of tangible explanation for the fight, but in the end, there was really not a lot of reason to pit the two characters against each other when you take into consideration that the film’s main priority was to setup the DCEU and the Justice League. The fight does little in the way for either of those two goals. To make matters worse, it appears the only reason this film had the sensationalistic title it did was to serve Zack Snyder’s obsession with Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns storyline. And in doing so, it chose the wrong character to win the fight. Throughout ‘Dawn of Justice’ Batman is in the wrong with his assumptions about Superman—not the other way around like in The Dark Knight Returns. In this fight, it should have been Superman who was victorious.


As mentioned above, this Superman amazingly gave up on people at one point in the film. But that was just one symptom of a larger issue: where is the self-assured, confident Superman that everyone knows? Henry Cavill’s Superman, by virtue of the scripts the actor is given, has had to deal with a Superman that seems distrustful and self-doubting. In the Justice League film, here’s to a resurrected Superman that actually carries himself like Superman.

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.

  • Carter

    I hate what Snyder is doing to Superman. Such a waste of a great character.

  • Vovo

    I would rather have Superman win and refuses to kill Batman with the latter realizing that Superman is not a menace instead we got a “Why did you say that name” nonsense.

  • Gerard Turner

    You are a fucking moron. Fuck you!!! You cunt!!!

  • Antonio Rivera

    “Nobody can stay good in this world” was referring to himself and what he might be forced to do. This movie had issues yes but that line pretty much was the summation of his internal conflict.

  • Jay Michael

    Hate to burst the bubble but Justice League won’t fix anything for Superman. It will just go a step further in making it worse by making Superman a “bad guy”, resurrected as a pawn of Darkseid that needs saving. Bank on it. Superman has become just a prop in the DC Cinematic universe to prop up other characters, and get out of the way when he’s not doing that. At least, that’s all Snyder seems intent on using him as. From his own mouth the only reason Superman dies is so he’s out of the way because he wanted Batman to be the one to create the Justice League.

  • Benjamin Harrison

    Well, the DCAMU does give a better Superman even though it is Justice League, and not Superman in the titles in three movies. They are honestly a break from the convoluted mess that they are pulling with the Superman titles nowadays, at least for now.

  • Benjamin Harrison

    I was pissed to see Jimmy die. Look, I don’t care how wierd this sounds, but I always liked Jimmy as Superman’s friend and someone who added a little comedy to his stories, it would have been better to leave Jimmy out of it than to let him get shot. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with Superman saying goodbye at the end of the rescue scenes, it’s classic and makes him look a little brighter of a character.