Frank Miller to do “Superman: Year One”

You can file this under—“Well, didn’t expect that.”

After spending years writing the Dark Knight trilogy and dragging Superman through mud as a means of lifting Batman up, Frank Miller is going to pen a Superman origin story in the same vein as his legendary Batman: Year One. 

According to Newsarama, the series will be drawn by John Romita, Jr.—who holds an equally tepid place in Superman’s fans hearts. 

“I’ve got a new Superman project that’s getting started, telling his origins. It’s like my book, Batman: Year One, it’s going to be Superman: Year One,” Miller told Vulture. “It’s going to be telling origins from when Pa Kent discovers him in the cornfield. And the little boy grows to youth and then to manhood….I’ve never really had my meaningful crack at Superman. In the cast of DC Comics, which has far and away the strongest and richest mythology, there are those three pillars they have of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.”

“I’ve been particularly brutal to Superman, but that’s not because I don’t like the character; it’s because the point-of-view has always been Batman’s,” Miller told “If I did a story where Superman was the lead character, Batman would be the antagonist. I adore Superman, it’s just that Batman does not, so when I’m writing Batman, I do not. It’s very much a writer’s job to take on a character’s point of view.”

No release date has been set.

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.

  • David Grant Lloyd

    Best news I’ve heard all year! Frank Miller rocks! This is gonna be badass!