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Green Arrow #27 (DC Comics, Comic Review)

In Benjamin Percy’s latest Green Arrow arc, “The Hard Traveling Hero,” we find Oliver on the road in search of the Ninth Circle—a dark group that essentially serves as the DC Universe bank for supervillains. In issue #27, the Emerald Archer gets a helping hand from none other than Wonder Woman!

(***Spoilers follow***)

Following last issue that saw Green Arrow team up with the Flash, the superhero team-up theme continued in the nation’s capital. And after Green Arrow stops a member of the Ninth Circle dressed in Iron Man-like armor from fleeing the scene of a public shooting Wonder Woman makes her presence in the issue known. As Oliver is standing over the wounded villain who is writing in pain from taking an arrow to the neck, Wonder Woman grabs Oliver by the collar and give him a tongue lashing and one hell of a ride through the air.

As typical with superhero clashes, the two make up and get down to fighting crime. As the two heroes stand over the Capital Building, they foil the Ninth Circle’s plans for assassination and uncover that the Ninth Circle is funding another major corporation in the DC Universe…LexCorp!

Looks like the next issue of Green Arrow will see Oliver meet up with Superman himself as Oliver continues he pursuit of the Ninth Circle in Metropolis!

The issue is propelled by the strong artwork that pops off the page with as interesting coloring to match the pencils. However, if there is one flaw, its that Percy relies too heavily on Oliver talking out loud to convey his inner dialogue. The end result is the old cliche superhero letting the villain hear them talk too much while they fight. Hopefully this gets reduced in the coming issues.

The best part of Percy’s latest run on Green Arrow is the growth of the title hero. When you stop and think back to how the Justice League stonewalled Green Arrow from joining, and appropriately labeled him as too much of an immature hero to be a Justice League member, we as the reader are now seeing attitudes and perceptions of Green Arrow change within the minds of the Flash and Wonder Woman. Will Superman be next?

Time will tell.

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.