Leaked Images of Star Wars The Force Awakens Merchandise

The only thing that Star Wars sells more of than tickets is toys and now we have our first look at the merch from Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Thanks to a leak we can see the 3.75” scale action figures for Kylo Ren, Finn, Captain Phasma, a Flame Trooper, and more. Some of the more surprising inclusions are Luke in what appears to be his getup from Episode V during the battle against Darth Vader on Bespin and what appears to be the Sith Lord, Vader, himself (although the mask is difficult to make out due to the picture’s poor quality). Does this mean we will get a flashback to the famous scene? Or is Disney just trying to cash in on Episode’s past? We will have to wait to find out!

See the toys below and check out Star Wars – The Force Awakens in theaters December 16, 2015.

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Written by | Danny Moore

Danny Moore serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Heroic Universe.

  • Well, Disney is so mad at Toys R US for releasing all The Force Awakens Merchandise VERY VERY EARLY! I mean, really? Who would mess up ANY of these shipments!? The shipments and the toys were not supposed to be released on Friday the Fourth, but I guess it hit Early in August. Apparently, I am still waiting for the film to hit theaters and hoping to get the To like for Toys from a STAR WARS FILM!? Plus, I’m still waiting on news about Han Solo! 😀 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a73fdae401393a8596e2e8f3f3a83916cc706a9a933aea63d35599698a2715aa.jpg ys on Force Friday! Can I get a