Massive Captain America: Civil War Spoilers hit the web!

(this article contains a link to massive spoilers, but no spoilers within the text)

Some media outlets have been fortunate enough to view Marvel Studios next huge movie, Captain America: Civil War, well in advance of its May 6 release date. And while one would think they weren’t allowed to spoil major details about the film this far in advance, it’s not stopping

An article posted yesterday titled, “Captain America: Civil War – 6 Things It Got Right and 4 Things It Got Wrong” featured crushing details about the film’s plot—well passed the point of innuendo and insinuation. Instead the article flat out gives detailed plot points around the following:

  • Black Panther’s origin and why he’s after The Winter Soldier
  • The Winter Soldiers shocking connection to Tony Stark’s past
  • Baron Zemo’s and the Black Panther’s connection
  • If the ending of the film is the same as the famous comic book arc relative to Steve Rodger’s fate
  • The outlook of the Avengers team at the conclusion of the film
  • Who Spider-Man fights in the film and how he fares against them
  • How Crossbones factors into the plot
  • Which members of Team Cap or Team Tony are double-crossing their respective team
  • And of course, how the big fight between Tony and Steve goes down

It’s hard to say what the ramifications will be for for releasing what is in effect the entire plot of the film to the entire world wide web, but one has to figure that it can’t be good—and quite frankly, they deserve what comes their way.

In the event that you want to gob down on a spoiler buffet, here is your link: “Captain America: Civil War – 6 Things it Got Right, 4 Things it Got Wrong”

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.

  • Carter

    Damn. That website should get shut down.

  • autbey

    Don’t care, not watching anyway. The Avengers are boring as hell.