Mera attacks Atlantis, Aquaman beaten badly!

Aquaman’s time as a mysterious street vigilante within the poor realms of Atlantis isn’t going so well.

(***Spoilers to follow***)

In latest run of Aquaman, helmed by writer Dan Abnett, we find Arthur after he’s been dethroned by King Rath and his soldiers made up of ancient magic. It’s the magic that has caught Arthur off guard, and by issue’s end, he was beaten into unconsciousness by Kadaver, and evil hired gun by Krush—another player in this royal saga.

But that was hardly the standout moment of issue #26. That moment belonged to Mera—who is absolutely pissed off. You see, Mera was under the impression that King Rath had Arthur killed. And until last issue, she was living with the impression that the love of her life was in fact dead. However, thanks to some backchannel communication to the surface level, Mera knew about Arthur’s current state and launched a fierce offensive on the new Atlantis magical force field. 

By issue’s end, it was clear that Mera’s efforts were not penetrating the defense system. And now that Arthur has been captured, Mera will have to find a new way in. 

Stay tuned.

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.