Did the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer spoil the movie?!?

During tonight’s Monday Night Football game, Disney took the opportunity to drop the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And while the trailer will be successful in getting people to talk about it, the question could become: will they be talking about it for the right reasons?

The trailer, which clocked in at 2:32, likely reveals the death of at least one major character and potentially shows the moment to which the entire film boils down, and a few other pivotal details along the way. In case you haven’t seen the trailer and want to avoid the same spoilers the rest of the world endured after watching the this thing, you might want to veer away. 

In the trailer we see a version of Luke we’ve never quite seen before—he’s scared and unsure of what to do in the wake of Kylo Ren and the evil Sith Lord, Snoke. However, we quickly see Rey use the force to powerful results, which makes Luke proclaim that he’s only seen that kind of power once before (Kylo Ren) and hints that he can’t train her any further (more on that later). We then hear a voice over that is clearly Kylo Ren reflecting on needing to kill the past as we see him fly his ship toward a Rebel ship, with shots intercut of Leia staring off sensing her son heading toward her, and Kylo’s finger nearing the trigger in his cockpit. So yeah, Kylo probably kills Leia and we saw the actual scene in the trailer. Later, and likely a result of Luke refusing to train Rey, she asks Kylo if there is anyone who will show her what role it is she is supposed to play in this big “force” mystery. Kylo holds out his hand as an offering to be the one that shows her—thus setting up the crucial moment in the film: Does Rey turn to the dark side, leaving Luke as the “last Jedi.” 

What. The. Hell. 

So to summarize, we potentially had the following spoiled for us: 

  1. Luke is too scared to train Rey
  2. Kylo Ren kills his mom 
  3. Snoke tortures the crap out of Rey. 
  4. Kylo offers to finish Rey’s training if she joins him on the dark side. 

That wasn’t a trailer. That was a montage of the most critical moments of the film.

Even if this is a head fake by Disney and the trailer’s editor—dumb idea. We are all going to be watching the film expecting these things to occur, which means we won’t be watching the film with a blank mind like we should. 

Again: What. The. Hell. 


Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.

  • iPhoneHome85

    Get your facts straight. Snoke is NOT a Sith Lord.


  • Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith are
    people really that stupid? its called miss direction and done all the
    time in trailers. At the end that isnt the same scene . it is two
    different parts of the movie to make it look that way…. they win and
    did there job…..even the director came out before it was released and
    said this will contain spoilers….. as a stunt.. no director would do
    that on purpose.

  • Jerry Oliver

    Are you really that gullible?

  • Ashikaga Takauji

    You obviously have not seen that many star wars trailers. ROFL.

  • Eric Smith

    Yeah, like when they showed Finn wielding the light saber in the the TFA trailer totally spoiling that he was going to be Luke’s new padawan…oh wait…nevermind.

  • David Gremillion

    Just like when we saw Cap’s broken shield in a trailer for Age of Ultron and everyone KNEW THAT MEANT FOR SURE that he was going to die in the film.

  • Dan Jensen

    Actually no, not at all. I look at all this stuff and think “okay, it could be this or it could be that.” I won’t be going into the theater thinking I know all the answers or expecting anything, as anyone with half a brain should do.

  • BroncoDan Moore

    Just to make us want to go see the movie even more than we already do and it will work cause i can’t wait STAR WARS FOREVER

  • BlakeKat

    Guy obviously hasn’t that many movies!

  • BlakeKat

    You do realize that the shot of Ren offering his hand was a different scene from Rey right? Completely dif backgrounds and lighting.

  • Jaime Solano

    I think you are 100% wrong. I think Kylo probably backs out of killing his mom. The scene where he extends his hand looks like it is probably in a flashback scene with maybe even Luke back when Kylo destroys Luke’s Jedi training camp. I do think Luke is afraid of Reys power,but I don’t think he is speaking of Kulo when he talks about her pure power. I think the trailer is all mixed up in order to kinda trick us. Also I’m the beginning when Snoke speaks of “when I found you” and we think he’s is speaking of Kylo. I think he is actually talking to Rey. I am probably totally wrong,but those are my opinions on the trailer. Either way,it didn’t ruin it for me!!!

  • Thunderbolt Kenpo

    remember this;
    not everything in the trailer gets in the final edit.
    not everything in the trailer is in order.

    kylo reaching out her hand was likely not in the same scene as rey asking advice.
    luke was speaking of an object in a vision, not rey’s powers.