No post-credits scene in Batman v Superman???

While everyone watches the Rotten Tomatoes percentage for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fluctuate, others are turning their attention to the actual content of the film rather than just the reviews of it. 

One of the ongoing items fans have pondered about the film was if it would contain a post-credits scene—a formula that Marvel Studios has mastered in teasing and opening up the larger cinematic universe. At one point, there were strong rumors that Batman v Superman would have a post-credit montage, showing the formation of the Justice League. However, if early screenings are any indication, there might not be anything for fans after the credits start rolling. is reporting that barring an unexpected last second change, there is no post-credit scene: 

“At press and fan screenings so far, there has been nothing at the end of the film’s credits — and from what fans are reporting, it doesn’t really need one, with plenty of teases and Easter eggs throughout the film’s official runtime.”

Stay tuned. 

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.

  • Lee Sharp

    It was a good movie but not a great DC movie, more like Frank Miller-verse.