For well over a year the Reddit sub group, “DCEU Leaks” has been been posting information, much, if not all of which, has later been proven to be false or entirely made up. As of late, the group has been experiencing an uptick in fake DCEU leaks, but the posts keep coming. Due to the fact that the one time that there was an accurate post it had to do with the last Justice League trailer, we at Heroic Universe feel obligated to report on this one.

With that as a serviceable disclaimer to what is down below, keep in mind that the latest “leak” concerns the upcoming Justice League trailer that is to be shown at San Diego Comic Con on July 25. It is very likely that the below description is totally bogus, but there are lots of elements that seem to spark fascination if not utter excitement—especially the Superman tidbit.

Read at your own discretion.


(from Reddit)

They’ve prepared a trailer for SDCC 2017. Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns will be there to present it alongside the league. I know this much, and more, because I am one of the workers in the WB Studios, but I will not elaborate on what I do exactly. 

Being a big DCEU fan I lurk around this sub and DC_Cinematic a lot. The recent news about fake trailers has really irritated me, however, because they’re causing a negative buzz to escalate. As a fact, WB chose a group of their staff to view their JL trailer, which they prepared for Comic Con very recently. I was chosen as one of the viewers. 

The trailer is longer than trailer 1, around 3 minutes of length. It starts out with Bruce saying “Something’s coming” and Wonder Woman replying “It’s already here.”

Then we cut to a montage with Bruce narrating, talking about assembling a team. In the montage we see the Flash taking out parademons at a high speed, Aquaman taking out multiple parademons solo, and Wonder Woman taking out some thugs in what looks like a bank. (It looks like she’s stopping a armed robbery.) We also get to see this awesome air fight between Cyborg and some parademons, and Batman jumping into a warehouse type of place where the parademons are guarding something (this shot was glorious.)

Then we cut to Wonder Woman asking, “What are their abilities again?” Then, just like the previous trailer before we see and hear Bruce describing the league: “Arthur Curry, the Aquaman; Barry Allen, the speedster.” We see a scene where Barry geeks out when the bat signal shines in the sky, almost giving away Bruce’s identity in public.Then, Bruce and Diana mention Cyborg, in the same fashion as trailer 1. 

After this, we see Bruce asking Diana “What are we facing?” when they’re around a parademon. Wonder Woman mentions that “he’s” come again. We cut to the JL prologue and see glimpses of a war. (I think I saw a glimpse of a Green Lantern also in this scene.) Diana talks about Stephenwolf, and how Hippolyta told her about Apokolips; about how the General of Darkseid’s Army tried to invade Earth before but the Amazons, Atlanteans, and Humans were able to stop them by uniting and fighting a hard fight. We get a shot of Antiope taking out multiple parademons during Stephenwolf’s retreat. Then we cut again to Bruce who says, “Whatever is coming, we have to be ready to face anything that might come to harm Earth and it’s people.” 

Then we cut to a fast montage where the League is in action: The Flash tipping Wonder Woman back her sword; The Flash circling around the league, assisting each and every one in every way possible while at the same time taking out parademons; A scene where Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are literally defending Superman’s memorial in Metropolis; a shot of Aquaman using tidal waves to knock out parademons; Wonder Woman taking out parademons consistently – similar to Faora’s scene in Man of Steel. (Everyone absolutely loved this.) Then there’s a scene where Batman’s says “I’ll take them out.” Aquaman asks if he does need any help, and The Flash smirks before we cut to a scene in which Batman uses his gadgets to take out 5 parademons in 3-4 seconds before landing on the floor in cinematic fashion as all the parademons fall down.

We then see a glimpse of Lex Luthor, who’s bald, saying in serious tone: “They’ve come” as he smirks. We get glimpses of the Knightcrawler in action, the Batmobile racing around ,a shot of Gordon, and this funny scene where the League goes down to the Batcave; Alfred looks at them in surprise before saying to Bruce “Master Wayne, you do realize we only have two chairs?” 

Then we see the Flash running a long distance, Cyborg scouting (I think), and get out first glimpse of the Flying Fox in an awesome shot in which it lands and the League steps out. Then, around the last 20 seconds, we see Stephenwolf emerging from darkness (the cinematography in awesome!) as he says ” I’ll finish it this time.” We cut to a shot in which we see the League being overpowered by parademons before, at the very end, we get a glimpse of Superman via a close up of his chest, showcasing the “S” symbol. We then hear Superman say, without ever seeing his face, “No, you won’t.” 

It’s extremely cinematic. You’ll get chills for sure.

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.

  • Carter

    This needs to be true!

  • Starcatcher07

    This description is SO much better than the last “leak”. But… I still doubt how legit it is. Didn’t the accurate description for the first trailer come very close to trailer release? Like, just 4-7 days before the release?

  • John Carr

    Omar, you forgot the U in League……

  • Anne Fisher

    And your self-described “huge DCEU fan” consistently mis-spelled Steppenwolf.

    That detail should serve up a HUGE grain of salt to take this with.

    I remember before BvS, all the fake trailer-synopses-spoilers that turned out to be WAY off base, but sounded real and very detailed at the time. This is likely one of those.