Is there a script for Man of Steel 2?!?

It’s been over four years since Man of Steel debuted in theaters and despite the launch of the DCEU and several characters getting solo films and subsequent planned sequels, Man of Steel is still without any firm sequel plans. Or is that no longer the case?

One of the front runners to direct the sequel to Man of Steel is Matthew Vaughn—director of the Kingsman. Vaughn’s go-to scribe for his films has been a writer by the name of Jane Goldman, who spoke at Comic-Con about the possibility of doing the sequel. Her response was non-committal, however she might have accidentally dropped a major announcement. 

“I’m not sure. There might already be a script for it. I think so… I’m not certain actually but it’s complicated with a character with that kind of history. Obviously X-Men have an equally complicated [history]… but Superman feels a lot more recent. He’s been brought to life in a new iteration – he means a lot to a lot of people and maybe there are other people with more a connection with Superman… but who knows.”

Goldman’s slip about the script already existing is huge news. While an announcement for another Superman movie prior to the characters planned resurrection in November’s Justice League is unlikely, the fact that production is moving along secretly is big news. This means Man of Steel 2 could be looking at a 2019 release. 

Goldman also had this to say about the possibility that Vaughn will be the man to direct the film:

“I know Matthew’s [Vaughn] a big Superman fan,” she explained. “Would I like to… I don’t know. I mean I’m not sure. I think Matthew’s looking at it from a directing point of view. I have no idea what’s happening there.”

Stay tuned.

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.

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