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Is Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens destined to become a Jedi? 

Avid fans of Star Wars who are eagerly anticipating Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December 2015 would do well to pick up this series.  The teaser trailer and recently released theatrical trailer for The Force Awakens, shows Poe Dameron, a rebel fighter soaring across the surface of a lake in his X-wing.  The gift that Shattered Empire bestows upon readers is a focus on Poe Damerons’ parents in the events following Emperor Palpatine’s defeat in Return of the Jedi.  The revelations in this particular issue strongly imply that Poe’s role in the movie may be more significant than merely being a rebel pilot.  Writer Greg Rucka continues to show why he is widely considered a master of character storytelling.

Continuing the adventures of A-wing pilot Sharah Bey, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker recruits her to aid him on a mission to retrieve remnants of a tree that “grew at the heart of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant”.  The tree remnants are under heavy guard by Stormtroopers at an obscure Imperial Research facility.  Skywalker is determined to obtain the trees because they are strong with the force.  It turns out that long ago, the Emperor stole the trees in order to hide any and all life that embodies the light side of the Force.  Why the Emperor did not simply destroy the trees is never revealed.   What is very interesting however is that following the successful completion of their mission, Luke reveals to Sharah that he did not expect there to be two trees. Consequently, as he only requires one for his own unrevealed agenda, Luke gave the other one to Sharah.   Luke made it clear that he felt that the second tree would have a good home with her family.


Why is this plot point a potentially big deal?  Well, Sharah’s husband is none other than Rebel Officer Kes Dameron.  Sharah references having a son she has “barely seen since he was born” and in issue two of this series, she refers to him as “Poe”!   This issue ends with Sharah meeting up with her husband and planting the tree outside their new home on an unnamed planet.  It is logical to assume then that Sharah and Kes’ son, Poe Dameron will grow up within the strong influence of the Force contained in the tree.  It is plausible to assume that living things that grow up around the tree will become ‘force-sensitive’.  Remember that the tree was originally located at the epicenter of the Jedi Temple for what was likely thousands of generations. Imagine a tree existing for all that time and literally soaking in the Force. Now imagine young Poe Dameron growing up in a home encapsulated within the Force-essence of such a wooden sapling and the influence that such a budding forest would have on a human with even a modicum of a Force-connection. At the very least, one can assume it would enhance the senses and natural abilities of that person.  Since Poe’s parents are great pilots in their own right, it makes perfect sense that Poe Dameron is destined to become not only an amazing Rebel Pilot, but one with a connection to the Force.   After all, (the implication of this story is that) he was literally raised in its essence.

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On another note, this comic is worth reading simply to witness Luke Skywalker back in action again. Artist Marco Checchetto absolutely dazzles the reader with galactically force-filled visuals.  The cover alone has an epic feel to it.  Luke Skywalker in his classic black uniform, mechanical-gloved hand extended as he uses the Force whilst Sharah Bey provides covering fire.  My favorite sequence involves a two page layout where Checchetto illustrates Luke using the Force to dismantle powerful laser cannon.  It’s so well done that one immediately wishes it was on the big screen.  Suffice to say, this comic whets my appetite for The Force Awakens in December 2015!

I also want to give a shout out to colorist Andrea Mossa whose expert use of varying shades removes any doubt that we are experiencing a Star Wars adventure. Her rendering of colors displaying the patented hyperspace speed effect and, in particular, the blue toned atmosphere of the Laboratory where the Force Trees are kept, are subtle reminders that the perfection of Star Wars always lies in the details.

I look forward to seeing Poe Dameron’s character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and discover if he displays any Force abilities.  If he does, we comic readers can brag that we suspected it all along!   I award this comic a strong connection to the Force and an 8.7/10.   



Written by | Rocky Hornung

Rocky Hornung serves as a Contributing Writer for the Heroic Universe.