The Best Moments of Vader Down So Far

“We got a Darth Vader down, we got a Darth Vader down.” I will never know how how writer Jason Aaron was able to find the inner strength to resist using that line in Vader Down #1, but the man did it. He did a lot more than just that though in the first ever Marvel comics Star Wars crossover event. With the first half of the arc over let’s take a look at some of the most awe inspiring, enhypening, and bad ass moments from Vader Down so far. Obviously spoilers abound.

Anakin’s still got skills

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Little Anni may have lost a few limbs, but you gotta give him credit for having it where it counts. In a spectacular space battle Darth Vader proves his piloting technique is still up to par despite his lack of pod racing in recent years. This scene features Vader taking out fighter squadrons in his TIE-Advanced Fighter. You read me right… squadrons. The Sith Lord uses his connection to the Force to show up the rebel scum, deflecting proton torpedoes with the force, mowing down fighter after fighter, and making a general ass of the free people of the galaxy.

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Triple Zero vs Chewbacca

It’s the fight we’ve been waiting 30 years for: A protocol droid vs a Wookie. Though he may be as eloquent as 3PO, Triple Zero is fluent in forms of torture rather than language. Apparently Wookies pull the arms out of their opponent’s even if they lose. The sadistic protocol droid was pitted against Han Solo’s co-pilot in an amusing, yet intense fight that left Triple Zero armless and the Wookie unconscious. 

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Han goes after Luke

This scene may seem innocuous to the casual consumer, but to me this is the epitome of Star Wars. The explosions, force, fights, and blasters are great but Star Wars at its core is a story of adventure and heroism. The bonds, camaraderie, and allegiances the characters form have been as exciting to me as any of the lightsaber fights ever since I first picked up a VHS copy of A New Hope at the video store at the age of three. In the segment Leia commands the rebel forces to swarm Vader and bring him down by any means necessary… even abandoning the search and rescue mission for a stranded and missing Luke Skywalker. Han, brash and brave as ever, ignores Leia’s orders (and debatably their responsibility to the galaxy) to save his friend. I’ll spare you the specifics because Aaron is a far better writer than I, but if you’ve read this far and still do not plan on picking up Vader Down you don’t deserve to understand anyway.

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Vader vs an entire Platoon

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 This part was quite possibly the most bad ass sequence in Marvel’s new Star Wars canon. Surrounding by a sea of Rebels and separated from his Imperial forces Vader stares into the face of certain death for anybody but Vader. The Rebels demand Vader surrender as they have him completely surrounded by dozens of squads and tanks. The Sith Lord replies, “All I am surrounded by is fear and dead men.” ignites his lightsaber, and promptly dispatches the Rebels with the ease of a Rancor slaughtering a herd of Bantha.

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R2 vs BT

I imagine a lot of people found this scene too cheesy or silly, but to me this was one of the quintessential “fun” scenes that George Lucas was so fond of. R2 attempts to defend his fallen master from the murderous astromech droid BT (Triple Zero’s companion). The little blue and white droid extends his sole defense mechanism (the small taser he used to shock Jabba’s pet in Episode VI) and is met with a bonafide arsenal of automatic blaster turrets, concussion missile launchers, and every weapon under the twin suns of Tatooine when BT calls R2’s bluff. Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.59.17 PM
All in all Vader Down is shaping up to be an exciting first crossover to kick off the new Star Wars canon. Let’s hope the Force is with the Rebels so that they can turn the tide… JK we know they won’t kill Vader because Episodes V and VI are still canon; making Vader Down a moot, but undeniably fun tale.


Written by | Danny Moore

Danny Moore serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Heroic Universe.