The Reverse-Flash (sort of) Returns in New Flash Clip

The second season of “Flash” finds Barry Allen facing off against he’s deadliest enemy to date, Professor Zoom. But it looks like Barry is still recovering from his year of being tormented by his original nemesis, the Reverse-Flash. As he mentioned in the most recent episode of Flash, despite defeating the Reverse-Flash last season he still can’t get the creep out of his mind. And now if this clip is any indication: he’s back. Of course it’s almost certainly the Earth-2 version of Wells donning the yellow and red garb in order to trick a telepathic super strong gorilla…yeah count us in. The newest episode of “Flash”, entitled ‘Gorilla Warfare’ airs next Tuesday at 8pm. Catch the New Zealand Preview below. 

Written by | Cameron Ryan

Cameron Ryan serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Heroic Universe.