The Winner of Every Superman vs. Batman Fight 

We’re just a month and 3 weeks from the release of this year’s most anticipated films: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! And what better way to dig into the Dark Knight and Man of Steel’s epic on-screen clash than examine the battles the two have had in the comics?

This week’s COMICS THROUGH VIDEO feature comes courtesy of The Imaginary Axis—an amazing YouTube content provider who has put together a video chronicling every comic book war between Batman and Superman. Of course, beauty (or in this case, the Victor) is in the eye of the beholder and many might argue that some of the victories that The Imaginary Axis gives to either Batman or Superman has been interpreted incorrectly. 

Thanks to The Imaginary Axis, the Mount Everest sized task of  analyzing, breaking down and declaring winners between the two most famous comic characters has been achieved.. If you’re a diehard the Batman fan or Superman fan, or just a curious comic observer, you’re not going to want to miss this installment of COMICS THROUGH VIDEO!

Check out the video below!

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.