Last Christmas we said our tear-soaked goodbyes to the “Raggedy Man,” and watched as he removed his bowtie and morphed into the twelfth*** incarnation of our beloved Doctor. A somewhat surly looking—and markedly older—version of the Doctor sprung forth complaining of his kidneys and showing an alarming inability to pilot the T.A.R.D.I.S.

As Whovians we should, in our nature, be able to accept change—as this is in large part what makes Doctor Who so genius. Yet, with every regeneration Whovians around the world become unglued with apprehension about the new Doctor—for reasons I’m not completely sure. We all gathered around our televisions sets as we watched the worldwide simulcast of the next Doctor’s unveiling. And before that, we spent months on Tumblr and message boards speculating who the Doctor would be. And when Peter Capaldi was announced we were all elated! Initially.

Soon, commentary about his age started to rise up from the bowels of the inter-webs. Whovians and non-Whovians alike began sharing their dismay about the choice in casting, stating that the Doctor is not supposed to be an old man (me thinks these people need to brush up on their Classic Who). But then, Deep Breath aired. You could sense a collective sigh of relief among the fandom as this episode calmed many fears they had about Peter Capaldi becoming our Doctor. He still possesses the same wacky, impulsive, witty, and often selfish characteristics as each Doctor before him. Yes, it had become the norm for the Doctor to regenerate into a young, devilishly handsome man (wink wink, Mr. Tennent) but we must step back and observe the history of Doctor Who in which its founding father, Mr. William Hartnell, was a surly and much older man. Sound familiar?

And what of Clara? Well, ‘twelve’ made their relationship quite clear when he reprimanded her with, “I’m not your girlfriend, Clara.” No, he is not. But rather he seems to be taking on a far more grandfatherly role to his companion—a la Susan and the First Doctor. I love this ode to the classics, and hope this plays a larger part in season’s plot trajectory.

This season is undoubtedly going to be full of twists and turns as we learn more about Missy, we reconnect with one of the show’s most beloved trio—Vestra, Jenny, and Strax, and we find out why this regeneration is so old—and maybe more importantly, why he has attack eyebrows.


*** I know, I get it. He is technically the thirteenth Doctor, what with the War Doctor’s appearance and all. I get it. But since the War Doctor renounced the name of the Doctor, and he technically regenerated between 8 and 9, then we can just agree that Capaldi is the twelfth Doctor. If you’re still not convinced, please remember there is a lot of Wibbly-Wobbly Time-Whimy stuff going on here, of which we can’t even begin to comprehend. You’re not going to start calling David Tennet eleven, are you? Capaldi is twelve. End rant.***

Written by | Julie Hussain

Julie Hussain is the Co-Publisher of the Heroic Universe and serves as a contributing writer and the Art and Design Manager for the website.