The “Utterly Amazing Fanboy” award for the month of Septermber goes to the YouTube user “Loki Odinson,” who has spliced together Loki scenes from both Thor films the Avengers to form a two-hour Loki-centric film. This ultra-Loki fan even used deleted scenes from the films.

“Loki Odinson” explained his process on the video’s page.

My goal was to chronicle the character development of Loki into a single narrative. You’ll notice I took out a lot fluff and even some beloved fight scenes, only because I was trying to focus the film on Loki and his relationships. I also inserted all of the relevant deleted scenes (you’ll notice that they haven’t been fully rendered and mixed), several of which add great depth to his story and family dynamics.

A big challenge was bridging the end of Thor and the beginning of The Avengers, explaining Loki’s exile and involvement with the Tesseract *before* he portals to earth. I created a montage to kinda show all that, even pulling a clip from Guardians of the Galaxy. …

If you have a couple hours, check out the video below.

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.