Will it be Superman who saves the day in Dark Nights: Metal?

Could it be it is the Man of Steel who is in fact the one who will rid the universe of all the monster versions of Batman destroying the world?

It would be quite the surprise if in fact a story penned by Batman writing legend, Scott Snyder, featured Superman, not Batman, as the primary savior. While not out of the ordinary in any other circumstance, Dark Nights: Metal has been all about the Dark Knight. Despite the story having a wide-range of ramifications for the entire DC Universe, the story has featured a prophecy with Batman at the center, and his knightmares coming to life out of the Dark Multiverse. And in the last issue (issue #3), it was revealed that all the knightmare creatures needed to power their portal to bring the entire Dark Multiverse into the normal multiverse was Superman, since he’s essentially a high powered battery. 

And with the conclusion of the last issue, an ending that found Superman, despite giving his all to save his friend, Batman, from the nightmare versions of himself, Superman was trapped in the dark multiverse with a decrepit looking Bruce Wayne. 

Despite this complex preamble, Snyder took to Twitter to show that there could be many Supermen on their way to save the day.

Dark Nights: Metal #4 will be available for purchase on Dec. 20. The issue will see the Justice League broken, forced to face their worst fears. An unlikely ally offers a glimmer of hope, though, and maybe a way for the super team to beat back the Dark Multiverse’s monsters.

Written by | Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain serves as the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Heroic Universe.