Wonder Woman saves Superman’s & Batman’s lives

It took a bizarre parasitic possession but Wonder Woman finally got to the bottom of what had overtaken the Justice League Watchtower and put the lives of Batman, Superman and the rest of the Justice League in grave danger.

(***Spoilers to follow***)

In what has been unfolding for a few issues in Trinity, the Watchtower had been virtually destroyed and on a collision course for earth by an alien claiming that in order to save his race the Justice League and potentially earth would have to die. As the Watchtower is crashing toward earth, Batman is giving his best shot at trying to revive Cyborg, who has been torn limb to limb. However, Batman is struggling mightily as he’s being chased by a deadly creature. Meanwhile, Superman is trying to push the Watchtower away from earth’s atmosphere while battling Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

And they all would have died, too. But she’s called Wonder Woman for a reason.

After figuring out how to communicate to the parasite that had overtaken her, Wonder Woman deals with the alien onboard the Watchtower and helps Superman land the Watchtower in India…on a LexCorp building!

The aftermath of Diana’s heroics see the rest of the Justice League back to normal and Batman and Cyborg safely on the ground.

All in a day’s work for Wonder Woman.

Written by | Penny Brown

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